Create documentation and video with ease

Is it a difficult task to create documentation on your ERP solution ?
Is the screen shots in your documentation out of date, or do you manually have to generate new videos for training and marketing ?
These are just some of the tasks that manually have to be done each time your system is extended or when the Windows system changes appearance.
SW-Tools has developed a product that can generate screen shots and videos automatically.

Be Intelligent ...

SW-Tools Business Intelligence is now extended to handle large cubes. It is now possible to handle more than 100 million transactions including a full Data Warehouse in less than 20 GB.

New SW-Tools Partner

Keel Solution offers consultancy and software products to companies who owns or operates large technical installations.
We have extensive experience with improving the data quality in ERP systems, such as SAP.
We are specialized in building AJAX Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) that can be integrated with a companies existing business software.
Keel Solution

SW-Tools for SAP Business One

SW-Tools announces support for SAP Business One. With the same extensive data model as for the mySAP interface SW-Tools shows it's commitment to support all SAP systems. Instead of accessing SAP Business One using the ODBC interface SW-Tools have selected to use the DIAPI. The DIAPI is provided by SAP and ensures that all security rules are handled by SAP Business One and not the database.
All SW-Tools products now have access to SAP Business One for Reports, Queries, and Business Intelligence.
Also, we can provide an ODBC driver with access to SAP Business One for use in other Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, still with a complete and user-friendly data model.

Access your SAP system with ease

Have you ever wanted to have easy access to the SAP system ? Now you may use all of our products for SAP with an extensive data model. The system comes with an easy to use setup wizard that automatically load the data model whereafter you are able to define Reports, Queries and Business Intelligence analysis in minutes.
Also, we can provide an ODBC driver with access to SAP for use in other Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, still with a complete and user-friendly data model. The datamodel also include relations between tables!

How to use TRIO with Microsoft Business Solutions ...

Just sit back and relax while we show you a video presentation of how TRIO is used in connection with Microsoft Navision Attain. The functionality is the same for Axapta, Financials, XAL and C5.

What's new ...

Be sure to keep track of what is happening at SW-Tools. We are constantly working on providing you with the latest information. The news also list the new partners who have chosen SW-Tools products for their solutions and customers.
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Did you know ...

SW-Tools products is the most complete add-on to ALL Microsoft Business Solutions, Axapta, Attain, Financials, XAL and C5.
Look at the benifits

Intelligent publishing to Microsoft Office & MapPoint

SW-Tools Business Intelligence introduce intelligent publishing of your analysis to Microsoft Office. Any analysis may now be published to Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
Mapping your analysis for geomarketing purposes have never been easier.
Work with full postal codes in most countries (for example, all of Germany, France, Denmark etc.).
Analyse the location of your customers, or delivery points on street level.
This is just some of the features that Microsoft MapPoint bring to your SW-Tools Business Intelligence analysis.


Create video and documentation with ease!
Business Intelligence

The easiest way to make your business intelligent!

Complete package for reporting, queries, database management on any database!


Access your SW-Tools TRIO application using a browser for intranet/internet integration!